Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spirits Unlimited Middletown goes green


It’s for the environment as much as for savings coming your way during tough times that Spirits Unlimited Middletown is happy to announce its six-pack black reusable bags.

Priced below $2, the six-pack black reusable bags allows you to get a 5% discount on six 750ml bottles of wine of your choice every time you use it.

While the store is expecting its next shipment of these bags any day now, don’t forget to check in with anyone at the store about how this new item from your local super discount store brings more savings your way.

“This is part of our tier discount program,” Circus Liquor Operations Manager Stuart Keats said. “We already have a 10% discount program on a case of wine, we wanted to take it to the next level by offering a 5% program with this ‘green’ initiative of ours.”

While many Spirits customers prefer plastic, Keats said he wanted to give people the choice to “go green” if they wanted and waste less with plastic.

“We are a company that always looks forward by using ingenuity to promote good habits,” Keats said. “A leader always looks forward, and at Spirits Unlimited Middletown that’s what we do.”

In keeping with this motto, the store has also brought in a whole new exciting range of gift bags to fit every occasion.

“We want to serve our customers best,” Store Manager Ray Kimble said. “We always have free gift bags but for those looking for an extra special touch to their gifts, we have now more choices available.”

Wine Specialist Rick Allocca had specially ordered the bags because he felt great wines need great bags.

“Our wine collection is the best in the area and we continually keep improving our wine selections,” Rick said. “As such it is only natural to have the best packaging available for our top of the line products.”

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