Monday, August 24, 2009

Spirits Unlimited Middetown announces first ever recipe contest!


What will you do to win a new Nintendo WII system? Or to get a beach bicycle for free?

Just enter a recipe contest and email your recipe to

Yes, its that easy!

Spirits Unlimited Middletown is proud to announce that James Conroy, the Executive Chef at Food Circus Supermarkets, has accepted the invitation to judge entries for this contest.

Not only that, Chef Conroy will prepare the winning recipes himself. He has also give out additional culinary tools as prizes for recipes that really stood out.

The contest runs from now until the end of September and winners will be announced on the first week of October. The rules are simple.

To enter you simply have to email a recipe ( that uses any wine or liquor. It could be a recipe for a cake or coffee, a dessert or a drink, an entrée or an appetizer. The possibilities are limitless.

The only conditions are: a) that it has to be your invention or alteration; and b) it has to have some use of a wine, liquor or fine spirits.

For example, a cake that you simplified, or a summer recipe that you made up or altered from an existing one. The objective is to share your creativity with others. You could also re-invent a recipe that was in your family for generations and which you may or may not have modified.

If you have any questions about the recipe contest email us at Further information could be found at the store on Highway 35 North in Middletown.

Chef Conroy will be looking at each entry himself throughout the month. In addition, he will be appearing frequently on this blog to share his tips, techniques and favorite recipes.

Further, to inspire Spirits Unlimited Middletown customers, he will be happy to answer any questions regarding using wine and alcohol in recipes if you email him at

Hurry! Don't miss the chance to cook with an outstanding chef and hear his professional advice on dining and entertaining.

Join the contest for free. Email your recipe to today.

Be the winner this fall!

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