Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spirits Middletown considers bringing Sonoma County winemakers to town


Liquor Operations Manager for Spirits Middletown Stuart Keats believes in constant innovation.

His latest aspiration is to bring Ferrari-Carano experts to town to introduce their award-winning wines to Middletown customers.

“To talk about wines is talk about your passion for creating it,” Keats said. “I want our customers to hear it from the real people. The soil, the climate, the topography — all goes into crafting the bottle you so confidently open at the table for family or friends. I am sure people will love to know the background story and understand their wines.”

The vision that inspired Don and Rhonda Carano is one of quality that is consistent with every vintage. Shunning profits and money, the couple wanted to create something that is memorable and guarantees satisfaction.

On the ground, Ferrari-Carano experts match soil to irrigation styles so that the area’s potential is reflected in the grapes cultivated. This in turn produces a wine the best reflects the organic environment of that region.

Director of Vineyard Operations Steve Domenichelli uses sustainable farming techniques such as recycling organic matter for use as mulch in the vineyards; planting cover crops and other plant species to avoid soil erosion, adding desirable nutrients back to the soil and to attract desirable insects; and integrating animals to naturally enhance biodiversity and nutrient recycling, according to the company Web site.

"We have over 1.1 million vines to tend to on roughly 1,400 acres of vineyards, and each vine is touched by human hands 6 to 8 times a season to ensure the highest quality fruit for our wines," Domenichelli said. "In addition, we believe that giving back to the environment balances out the ecosystem and enhances the quality of our fruit.”

Sarah Quider, white wine winemaker for Ferrari-Carano, employs gentle winemaking techniques, focusing on single vineyard sites for the Russian River Chardonnays, while blending wine for style, quality and multidimensional complexity that characterizes Ferrari-Carano's other white wines.

"My goal is to make complex, intense and seamless wines that are balanced in both richness and delicacy," Quider said. "We have such tremendous diversity in our vineyards because we are located in various appellations, each with unique micro-climates, soils and clones. It's my desire to express that diversity in our wines."

Winemaker Aaron Piotter spearheads Ferrari-Carano's red wine program housed in Alexander Valley.

"The vines tell us how to take care of the wines, and the wines tell us how to get the best from our vines," he said. "At Ferrari-Carano, we share a philosophy of using the experiences our vines and wines have taught us to ensure that each year we progress as winemakers and winegrowers. As dedicated, passionate and responsible stewards of mountain and valley floor vineyards, we believe our wines will reflect this commitment."

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