Monday, October 12, 2009

Spirits Weekly Wine Webinar


Spirits Unlimited Middletown is happy to present to you the experienced voice of Peter Fairfax, who represents an importer from Spain, to present to you three wines that would be great selections for the Fall.

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As part of a three-part presentation, this week Peter will explain to you the nuances of the Sierra Cantabria Rioja, a 100% tempranillo from Rioja, Spain.

This wines comes from the vineyards owned by the Eguren family. According to the official bodega Web site, since 1870 generation after generation of this family have been dedicated to grape growing and to the elaboration and ageing of great wines in one of the most prestigious estates in Rioja.

Situated on the border with France, this area is situated in a unique location, between the River Ebro and the Sierra Cantabria mountain range. This mountain range has given the name to the winery and protects the vineyard from the cold winds from the north, creating a specific microclimate for the cultivation of the vines and therefore providing a differentiated personality to the wines.

Peter said that he had personally visited these vineyards and will share his amazing experiences with Spirit Unlimited Middletown customers in the future.

(Click on picture to see video)

This 2006 vintage is available in Aisle 5b at Spirits Unlimited Middletown, where our Spanish wines are located.

Price: $8:99 (750 ml)

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