Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oct. 6: Drink of the Day

L de Lyeth Merlot

For a bright, sunny fall afternoon or evening what could be better than lazing on your porch with some wine and cheese?

Ray suggests trying a merlot from Sonoma County: L de Lyeth Merlot. With blackberry and sassafras aromas in addition to zesty black cherry and spice flavors, this wine is perfect for the season.

This merlot comes from a long line of quality wines that has become a signature of the Boisset Family Estates based in Burgundy, France.

The estate claims it is an innovative, eco-minded, family-owned producer and importer of fine wines. Founded in 1980, it offer wines from a variety of countries and key production regions around the world, including Sonoma County.

The L de Lyeth Merlot comes from the Lyeth Estate, which was established by Chip Lyeth in 1981. Notably, this winery has the distinction of combining the flavors of cabernet sauvignon with the other major Bordeaux varieties, now known as the Meritage style.

In fact, Chip Lyeth became a founding member of the Meritage Association in 1988, which created the Meritage concept as a means of identifying blends produced in the Bordeaux style. Today it continues the tradition of blending family and tradition in its wines, winning praise from critics and consumers worldwide.

The L de Lyeth merlot with aromas of ripe black cherry and lively raspberry, is a well balanced wine. This ruby red wine also features flavors of plum, currant and hints of mint and spices.

It pairs well paella, lasagna, beef, pasta and cheddar cheeses.

— Ray Kimble, Store Manager
Spirits Unlimited Middletown

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