Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Drink of the Day: Dunkin Dutch


Today is Dec. 1 and the countdown to Christmas is on.

With the holidays coming, we know that you have tons of holiday stuff to do once you get home from work. So, we thought we have to do something to keep you in good spirits.

Throughout this month, as the countdown continues, we will bring you a "Drink of the Day" recipe, just a little something to make this December special for you.

Today's recipe is "Dunkin Dutch." This is a perfect "pick-me-up" after a day's work and has been suggested to us by Spirits Unlimited Middletown team member, Ellen.

It's the simplest cocktail recipe that I have come across that tastes great. To prepare this, you need to pick up a French Vanilla Iced coffee on your way home from work and add a shot of Van Gogh's Dutch Caramel Vodka to it when you reach home. "Voila!" Your evening has now become perfect.

At Spirits Unlimited Middletown (on Highway 35 North) we carry over 14 varieties of Van Gogh Vodka and the Dutch Caramel is the first to disappear off our shelf, it's that popular. So, in case if you have not bought a bottle already, stop by our store and stock up on the good stuff. You will find it on the top shelf (left) toward the end of Aisle 3 in our store.

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