Thursday, July 23, 2009

In the Spotlight: Raymond Kimble

Raymond Kimble, Store Manager
Spirits Unlimited Middletown
(732) 957 9700


With a background in finance and budgeting and ample experience at bartending, Raymond Kimble has been associated with Spirits Unlimited Middletown since 2005.

“I was made aware of the opportunity to work here by a friend,” Kimble said. “Now, I will go nowhere else. I like being in the liquor business.”

He was in the Merchant Marines as a supply officer for 5 years and spent 10 years in finance during which he said he gained experience in ordering, budgeting and forecasting projections on sales.

Coming to Spirits Unlimited Middletown he applied his knowledge to test. He found he was good at it.

As the store manager at Spirits Unlimited Middletown, Kimble had just won the first place in Sparkle Day, a competition that judged the cleanliness and organizational layout of the stores.

He said the store is easy to shop as it has bigger aisles, the largest selection in the area, and is easy to get to. It is just off Route 35 North in Middletown, in a prime location with ample parking.

“The store,” Kimble said, “is clean, friendly, spacious, with experienced and helpful staff and the lowest price point in the market.”

“The volume of business that we do here is so huge that we are able to offer the deep discounts that we are known for,” Kimble said. “We offer labels for wine bottle favors, help with party planning and ordering, host wine tasting and special events at the store – all with an eye to satisfying the customer.”

As store manager, Kimble said he has learned more about wines and the business end of it. He is quick to share his expertise with others.

“I have been bartending since I was 18. I like keeping up with new items, knowing about popular choices and interacting with people,” Kimble said with a smile. “That’s what managing store is about. You see what customers need, you learn about their likes and dislikes, and you share your own knowledge with them so they come back again and again.”

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